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Meaning-Fullness: Developmental Psychotherapy and the Pursuit of Mental Health

Mutual Impact: At the Crossroads of Psychoanalysis and Literature

On the Destruction and Death Drives

Pierre Delion on Psychopolitics: ‘What is Institutional Psychotherapy?’ & ‘The Republic of False Selves’

Selected Papers of Salman Akhtar

Symbol Formation in Psychoanalysis

The Covid Trail: Psychodynamic Explorations

The Mystery of Emotions: Seeking a Theory of What We Feel

The Psychosomatic Therapy Casebook: Stories from the Intersection of Mind and Body

Truth: Developmental, Cultural, and Clinical Realms

Unearthing Freud’s Death Bed and Laing’s Missing Tooth: Hidden Histories of British Psychoanalysis

We Don’t Speak of Fear: Large Group Identity, Societal Conflict and Collective Trauma