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Teaching Bion: Modes and Approaches

Teaching Meltzer: Modes and Approaches

Thanatos, Shame, and Other Essays: On the Psychology of Destructiveness

The Analyst’s Torment: Unbearable Mental States in Countertransference

The Apprehension of Beauty: The Role of Aesthetic Conflict in Development, Art and Violence

The Art and Science of Relationship: The Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy

The Baby and the Bathwater

The Becoming Room: Filming Bion’s ‘A Memoir of the Future’

The Body of the Group: Sexuality and Gender in Group Analysis

The Claustrum: An Investigation of Claustrophobic Phenomena

The Curiosity Drive: Our Need for Inquisitive Thinking

The Destroyed World and the Guilty Self: A Psychoanalytic Study of Culture and Politics

The Educational Role of the Family: A Psychoanalytical Model

The Erotic Screen: Desire, Addiction and Perversity in Cinema

The Evil Imagination: Understanding and Resisting Destructive Forces

The Evolution of Freud: His Theoretical Development of the Mind–Body Relationship and the Role of Sexuality

The Girls Within: A True Story of Triumph over Trauma and Abuse

The International Journal of Forensic Psychotherapy 2022 Subscription

The Interpreter as Maternal Container

The Jewish Thought and Psychoanalysis Lectures

The Kleinian Development Part 1: Freud’s Clinical Development – Method–Data–Theory

The Kleinian Development Part 2: Richard Week-by-Week – Melanie Klein’s ‘Narrative of a Child Analysis’

The Kleinian Development Part 3: The Clinical Significance of the Work of Bion

The Newborn in the Intensive Care Unit: A Neuropsychoanalytic Prevention Model