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A Deeper Cut: Further Explorations of the Unconscious in Social and Political Life

A Meltzer Reader: Selections from the Writings of Donald Meltzer

A Place for Beauty in the Therapeutic Encounter

A Psychoanalyst on His Own Couch: A Biography of Vamık Volkan and His Psychoanalytic and Psychopolitical Concepts

Art and Analysis: An Adrian Stokes Reader

Autonomy, Relatedness and Oedipus: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Baby Observation: Emotional Relationships during the First Year of Life

Bion in New York and São Paulo: And Three Tavistock Seminars

Children in Care in Colombia: Disturbed Family Contexts and Psychic Structure

Climate Psychology: A Matter of Life and Death

Contemporary Child Psychotherapy: Integration and Imagination in Creative Clinical Practice

Counterdreamers: Analysts Reading Themselves