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Schizophrenia: Science, Psychoanalysis and Culture

Selected Papers of Donald Meltzer Vol. 1 – Personality and Family Structure

Selected Papers of Donald Meltzer Vol. 2 – Philosophy and History of Psychoanalysis

Selected Papers of Donald Meltzer Vol. 3 – The Psychoanalytic Process and the Analyst

Selected Papers of Salman Akhtar

Sexual Addiction: Psychoanalytic Concepts and the Art of Supervision

Sexual States of Mind

Silence and the Disorder of Tongues

Skewed to the Right: Sport, Mental Health and Vulnerability

Slouching towards Bethlehem …and Further Psychoanalytical Explorations

Studies in Extended Metapsychology: Clinical Applications of Bion’s Ideas

Suffering and Sacrifice in the Clinical Encounter

Tales of Transformation: A Life in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Talking with Couples: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of the Couple Relationship

Teaching Bion: Modes and Approaches

Teaching Meltzer: Modes and Approaches

Thanatos, Shame, and Other Essays: On the Psychology of Destructiveness

The Analyst’s Torment: Unbearable Mental States in Countertransference

The Apprehension of Beauty: The Role of Aesthetic Conflict in Development, Art and Violence

The Art and Science of Relationship: The Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy

The Baby and the Bathwater

The Becoming Room: Filming Bion’s ‘A Memoir of the Future’

The Body of the Group: Sexuality and Gender in Group Analysis

The Claustrum: An Investigation of Claustrophobic Phenomena