The Company

Phoenix Publishing House rose from the flames in 2018 to create a home for mental health publishing as independent specialists. We are passionate about bringing the latest in psychoanalytic thought and research into the world. Our purpose is not to create accord but to stimulate debate, to open minds to new ways of working, to present opposing theories, to break down orthodoxies – and above all to question everything. We exist to disseminate new ideas and approaches to a wider readership through our publications.

The Team

Kate Pearce, Publisher
Kate has worked in publishing for over fifteen years. She started her publishing career at Karnac Books before joining Taylor & Francis as a production editor. She soon moved into T&F’s International Sales department for a role that combined her twin passions of travel and socialising. She returned to Karnac Books some years later to run their production department and also sit on their editorial board. A founder of Phoenix Publishing House, she is keen to start setting minds on fire!

Fernando Marques, Sales Director
Fernando is an established publishing professional, with over fifteen years experience. He spent over a decade at Karnac Books, rising to Trade & Journals Manager, where he ran both departments. A founder of Phoenix Publishing House, he brings a wealth of experience from both the publishing trade and mental health arena.