Delivery, returns & postage information


All standard shipping is FREE within the UK and the US.

For all other countries, we offer shipping at a subsidised postage rate.

You can view our full Shipping & Delivery information here.

For countries outside of the UK, we offer shipping at a subsidised postage rate. Regretfully, it is no longer viable to offer free shipping worldwide due to escalating costs and the variable service offered by the cheaper suppliers. We took the difficult decision to start to charge a portion of our postage costs for overseas customers so we could move to a more reliable postal service, which we hope will benefit both our customers and ourselves. At Phoenix, we believe strongly in quality of product and of service, and these subsidised postal rates should help us to meet the high standards of service our customers deserve.

Following the introduction on 1 July 2021 of the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS), the rules on purchases made from countries within the EU have changed and it is now necessary to charge VAT on all purchases made at the rate applicable to the relevant country. See here for further information.

Please view our Returns Policy here.

Please view our Returns Policy here.

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A journal subscription is paid for the current calendar year and includes a specific number of issues per year. Copies are only sent out when the issue is available, usually Spring and Autumn. (Please see the relevant individual journal page for full details on a number of issues and when they are available.)

If you have been waiting for over ten working days for a UK delivery and 20 working days for an overseas delivery, please contact so we can look into what has happened with your book.

How do I download my purchased ebooks?

We will email your purchased eBook files to you, but if you need to obtain another copy of the file(s) please login to your account. Here you will find a My ebooks link which will enable you to send the file(s) to yourself via email.


There are two ways to upload Phoenix ebooks to your Kindle. Either :

a.  Forward it to your Kindle email address (e.g. make sure your sending email is registered with your Kindle account and that your Kindle is registered with Amazon

b.  Side-load with a USB cable:

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that came with your device.
  2. Open folder to view files.
  3. Drag the Mobi file into the “Documents” folder on your Kindle.
  4. The new title will appear when you next switch the device on.
  5. More help:

Loading to an APPLE Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

There are two ways to upload Phoenix ebooks to your Apple device. Either:


1. Drag the file into your iTunes
2.  Connect the device and sync
3. The new title will appear in the iBook App when the synchronization is finished.

b.  Open this email on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and tap the attached file
(Please note: your device needs to have the iBook app installed.)

To upload Phoenix ebooks to your NOOK, KOBO or Sony eReader :

  1. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Open your device folder.
  3. To move an e-book from your computer to the device, simply drag-and-drop the desired ebook onto the device folder.
  4. The new title will appear when you next switch on the device.

Phoenix ebooks are digitally ‘watermarked’ to identify them as your personal property. They are for personal use only and cannot be shared, sold or distributed to any third party.