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In Leaps and Bounds: Psychic Development and its Facilitation in Treatment

Climate Psychology: A Matter of Life and Death

The Evolution of Freud: His Theoretical Development of the Mind–Body Relationship and the Role of Sexuality

Learning from Action: Working with the Non-verbal

Schizophrenia: Science, Psychoanalysis and Culture

Contemporary Child Psychotherapy: Integration and Imagination in Creative Clinical Practice

Traveling through Time: How Trauma Plays Itself out in Families, Organizations and Society

When A Child Grieves: Psychoanalytic Understanding and Technique

Plato’s Ghost: Minus Links and Liminality in Psychoanalytic Practice

Autonomy, Relatedness and Oedipus: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

The Body of the Group: Sexuality and Gender in Group Analysis

Transforming Themes: Creative Perspectives on Therapeutic Interaction