Episode 1: Jayne Hankinson & Nilofer Kaul

We’re kicking off our brand new podcast with two of our debut authors in conversation with one another, Jayne Hankinson and Nilofer Kaul. In this episode, Jayne and Nilofer discuss creation myths, minus links, and other main themes and topics explored in their debut books, both published with Phoenix. In First Thoughts: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Beginnings, Jayne Hankinson applies psychoanalytic theory to enable a deeper understanding of the creation myths that exist for each and every one of us, building on the traditions established by the visionary W. R. Bion to present a philosophical and spiritual odyssey to inspire and enjoy. Nilofer Kaul’s Plato’s Ghost: Minus Links and Liminality in Psychoanalytic Practice brings together psychoanalytic and literary theory, case vignettes, fiction, history of ideas, and science and culture to expand commonly used terms such as regret, candour, autonomy, and parasitism and further the conversation between disciplines. Listen to this episode to dive deeper into psychoanalytic understanding, improve your practice, and fire your mind.