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A Deeper Cut: Further Explorations of the Unconscious in Social and Political Life

The Curiosity Drive: Our Need for Inquisitive Thinking

Finding the Piggle: Reconsidering D. W. Winnicott’s Most Famous Child Case

Traveling through Time: How Trauma Plays Itself out in Families, Organizations and Society

Large-Group Psychology: Racism, Societal Divisions, Narcissistic Leaders and Who We Are Now

Suffering and Sacrifice in the Clinical Encounter

The Covid Trail: Psychodynamic Explorations

Learning from Action: Working with the Non-verbal

The Power of Talking: Stories from the Therapy Room

Skewed to the Right: Sport, Mental Health and Vulnerability

The Analyst’s Torment: Unbearable Mental States in Countertransference

From the Abyss of Loneliness to the Bliss of Solitude: Cultural, Social and Psychoanalytic Perspectives