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A Journey Abroad: Wartime Poems Serving with the FAU

A Meltzer Reader: Selections from the Writings of Donald Meltzer

Adolescence: Talks and Papers by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris

Aesthetic Conflict and its Clinical Relevance

Art and Analysis: An Adrian Stokes Reader

Bion in New York and São Paulo: And Three Tavistock Seminars

Bion: An Introduction

Children in Care in Colombia: Disturbed Family Contexts and Psychic Structure

Contemporary Object Relations in Los Angeles: Building on the Work of the London Kleinians

Counterdreamers: Analysts Reading Themselves

Dream Life: A Re-examination of the Psychoanalytic Theory and Technique

Enabling and Inspiring: A Tribute to Martha Harris

Explorations in Autism: A Psychoanalytical Study

Four Discussions with W. R. Bion

Hamlet in Analysis: Horatio’s Story—A Trial of Faith

London Kleinians in Los Angeles: Laying the Foundations of Object Relations Theory and Practice

Looking and Listening: Work from the São Paulo Mother–Baby Relationship Study Centre with a Supervision Seminar by Esther Bick

Man’s Picture of His World and Three Papers

Portrait of a Life: Melanie Klein and the Artists

Sexual States of Mind

Studies in Extended Metapsychology: Clinical Applications of Bion’s Ideas

Teaching Bion: Modes and Approaches

Teaching Meltzer: Modes and Approaches

The Apprehension of Beauty: The Role of Aesthetic Conflict in Development, Art and Violence

The Claustrum: An Investigation of Claustrophobic Phenomena

The Kleinian Development Part 1: Freud’s Clinical Development – Method–Data–Theory

The Kleinian Development Part 2: Richard Week-by-Week – Melanie Klein’s ‘Narrative of a Child Analysis’

The Kleinian Development Part 3: The Clinical Significance of the Work of Bion

The Psychoanalytical Process